I'm Alice, I've been volunteering fortnightly for nearly a year and I absolutely love it. Last year, when I returned home from my long term travels I had this strong desire to look into counselling, that's when I found this opportunity to become a befriender. It was just a perfect opportunity and one I knew I had to get involved in.


Volunteering to me is so important. I feel it's essential to have the chance to give back, and to do it freely with nothing but love. No conditions, just a chance to show someone in need of a listening ear that they matter, that they have not been forgotten but in fact that they are cherished, supported and loved. Volunteering is selfless. It's beautiful, the impact is beautiful and the world needs a bit more selfless beauty. 


Those who come to the Bournemouth Support Centre have courageously stepped up to say 'I'm not okay'. I feel so privileged to get the chance to show them that that's okay. Whether it's having a cuppa or sorting some administration, I am so happy to be a part of something so important.

If you're interested in volunteering with us get in touch today:

[email protected]
023 8067 2200