May has been a ridiculously busy month for me, with lots of theatre trips and music gigs - but the best thing was finally getting an appointment with the ENT specialist! It’s been a long 5 months since finding a lump in my neck on Boxing Day, having scans and not knowing whether it was due to glandular fever or something more sinister. Anyway, after a camera up my nose and down my throat and an ultrasound scan on my neck, I got the news I’d been hoping for - it was just a normal lymph node. I’m going back to the ENT specialist in 2 months, just for a checkup - but it’s all good!

The following day was the Cakes for Cancer event at the Cosham centre so I felt duty-bound to sample some delicious cupcakes - well, it’s for a good cause.. There was a great turnout and I think over £250 was raised. Sadly, I didn’t make it to the local Dragon Boat race to support the Wessex team as I’ve been having my jabs brought up to date and the last one knocked me sideways. Only another 2 to go though...

This month’s travels have included theatre in London, Kingston, Bath and Guildford, gigs in Bournemouth and Portsmouth - and I got home yesterday from an 80’s music festival in Bristol ( yes, I did take my factor 50+ suncream, anti-bac gel and painkillers!) We were in the VIP enclosure - definitely worth the extra money for me as there’s less queueing to get in, lots of seating, a marquee and posh loos. A fabulous time was had by all - I made new friends, saw some great bands and came home with blue hair streaks, a flashing wristband and an inflatable flamingo called Florian.

I also went to 2 comedy gigs in May - Bill Bailey and Dara O’Briain who were both hilarious. We were in the front row for Dara O’Briain and I got picked on within the first 20 minutes. It was all very good-natured and there was some banter about early retirement - he thought I was “independently wealthy” ! ( I did explain later that I’d retired due to having cancer but I didn’t want to bring it up during his gig ). He asked how I was doing and was very pleasant. I later got a message from one of the staff at the Cosham Wessex Centre asking if I’d enjoyed being picked on - she was up in the circle at the same gig!