Once again, I’ve been extraordinarily busy recently, with a combination of hospital appointments and trips out. June started off with my regular oncology clinic visit and my specialist is pretty happy with me - she was also rather jealous of my fluffy flamingo headband that I’d bought for an upcoming festival.

I’ve also had another donor lymphocyte infusion although it may well be my last as things seem to be going well and I saw the ENT doctor for a final check-up this week too. Everything is good right now and I actually have 5 weeks before my next hospital visit! I went along to the curry night organised by the Cosham Wessex Centre and helped raise lots of money by eating lots of curry - tough job but I was happy to help out.

Last week, the Rotary Club kindly took a group of Cosham clients for a day at the beach and provided us with cups of tea, lunch and strawberries and cream. Two of the lovely therapists came along as well and gave hand massages and art therapy. A good time was had by all and a few of us even went in for a paddle.

There have been a few more theatre trips and gigs too - we went to see Orlando Bloom on stage last month and on leaving the theatre, we were asked to “Go left as there is a riot and protest outside”. There was a political demonstration going on in Trafalgar Square and lots of police so we escaped to Shaftesbury Avenue in search of tea and cake. Instead, we found the road was closed due to the Naked Bike Ride - we saw rather more than we bargained for that day (particularly as the play had featured a naked Orlando!)

I also accidentally found myself in the middle of the anti-Trump rally during his recent visit - I was actually shopping for trousers on Oxford Street. My London trips can be quite random and I’ve met some lovely people along the way - lots of fellow theatre lovers, some of my favourite actors and many fellow music fans.

I ticked something else off my wishlist this month by seeing Grace Jones at Henley Festival - I got chatting to the lady that was sitting next to me and it turned out that she was a cancer survivor too. We agreed that life is for living and to try and make every moment count before exchanging a high-five. It’s been a pretty good summer so far!