I’ve actually managed 50 days in between hospital appointments! It’s been nice to get on with life and be “normal” for a while. I did have my routine clinic visit last week and despite that pesky lump still being in my neck, I seem to be doing ok. My blood results are fine and my specialist told me that if there was any leukaemia in the lump and it hadn’t been treated, I wouldn’t be sitting here now! Good to know... I still haven’t been given a date for any surgery but my doctor is happy enough with me at present to wait so I will stop stressing about it too.


The past few weeks have been mostly about birthday celebrations - 3 of my friends have had “big” birthdays and trips out have ranged from pub lunches, a band night in a local pub (where we briefly took over the stage - me on the drums!) and a day in London to see Chicago at the Phoenix Theatre which was my treat to my best friend. We were lucky with the weather as it was one of those few sunny days that we had recently and we both loved the show. As it was a special occasion, I did have a champagne cocktail (my only drink since Christmas!) and we had tea and cake in Patisserie Valerie after the show. My friend was hoping to meet Ruthie Henshall who was playing Mama Morton and we were lucky enough to chat with her and Cuba Gooding Jnr after the show!


I do love all my trips and being busy but I am trying to set aside more time for relaxation as I sometimes struggle to “switch off” and sleep. As well as a monthly massage at Wessex Cancer Trust, I’ve decided to have a regular pedicure (I struggle to reach my left foot now due to my spinal problems) and I’ve found a local therapist with rooms a few minutes from my home - oddly enough, she also works with the Look Good, Feel Better team that offer sessions for those going through cancer treatment. She’s very understanding of my situation and tailors the treatment to me - I usually drift off while I’m having my facial or reflexology.


There are lots to look forward to at Wessex at the moment - I’ll be supporting them at the Dragon Boat Race next month and I can’t wait for the Cakes for Cancer day, although I’m a lot better at eating cake than making it... I’m also taking part in the Journal Project so it’ll be interesting to see what that entails over the next few months.

Lots to be getting on with!