In 2018, Wessex Cancer Trust commissioned a qualitative study to assess the barriers experienced by men affected by cancer in seeking support. This was carried by a group of doctors in Hampshire and included a questionnaire, focus groups and interviews. We know that men are less likely than women to see their doctor when experiencing worrying symptoms, and we know men are less likely to talk about their health concerns. We applied to Action Hampshire for a grant to run this cancer awareness campaign because we believe it’s time for men to feel empowered to be proactive, to take personal responsibility for health concerns, to take action when experiencing worrying symptoms and to help their mates and loved ones by making it okay to talk about this difficult subject. 

We’re hoping to work with a team of male ‘ambassadors’ who will help us spread the word about the importance of taking action if you’re worried about any of the symptoms of cancer and also of the benefits of talking – a problem shared and all that. If you’ve had your own experience of cancer or a scare in the past, and would be happy to share your story with us, please do get in touch, we’d really like to hear from you. 

Action Updates

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