Rebecca Sanders

Rebecca Sanders

Scrambled Legs

Charlotte Campbell

Chanells inflatable rainbow run 2019!

Chanell Pearson

As many of you know this is very close to heart as a few family members and friends have sadly been taken by this horrible disease and a few have fought it and are still here with us today.. So I have signed up to do the inflatable rainbow run at sandown airport on the 28th July to help raise money for the charity to help others in need.

Double trouble

Christina Robertson-Walker

We want to help raise money for a great cause

Inflatable Rainbow Run IOW Onesie Challenge

Benjamin Massey

I am running this year's inflatable rainbow run to raise money towards the amazing work the Wessex Cancer Trust do on a daily basis to support all of those affected by cancer. Cancer affects everybody, and it is great knowing that I can support the great work that enables people to overcome cancer, and help others through their treatments by supporting the Wessex Cancer Trust.

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Spithead Business Centre is Running, Bouncing and Sliding for Wessex Cancer Trust!

Hannah Woodford

Casper Douglas Properties (Lake) Ltd (the owner of Spithead Business Centre in Lake) is committed to supporting charities and our employees are always willing to get involved in/support local fundraising events. 5 of our employees will be participating in the Inflatable Rainbow Run 2019 at Sandown Airport on 28th July to raise money for Wessex Cancer Trust. Please give as much as you can to help us support this wonderful cause, and remember... every little helps!

Double Trouble

Christina Robertson-Walker

To help raise money for a good cause whilst having fun at the same time.