This December, a crew of four men, The Bubbleheads, will board an ocean rowing boat and attempt to race - unaided - across the Atlantic Ocean, the second largest ocean in the world, for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 

The Bubbleheads are no strangers to challenging situations; all four men are North Sea saturation divers, a job considered by many as the world's most dangerous. Living at depths of 100m+ for up to 28 days and on average five days away from the surface at any time (it's quicker to get back from the moon!), the life of a saturation diver requires peak physical condition and the mental strength of a warrior. 

The crew will endure endless days and nights at sea as they row a punishing 3000 miles from La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain, to Antigua in the Caribbean, to raise money for us. They'll be fully self-sufficient throughout their journey. Daily responsibilities will include navigating their way across the Atlantic, monitoring weather systems, desalinating water for cooking and hydration, preparing and eating military-style ration packs, catching fish for additional protein sources, undertaking any necessary and essential maintenance and staying motivating and positive - despite what Mother Nature throws at them. The crew will be in a 25ft Rannoch R45 for the entire race - at the mercy of the elements and rowing to win. There will be no rest and no getting off. 

This is the premier event in ocean rowing and the ultimate in endurance events. It begins in early December, with up to 30 teams participating from around the world. Claimed to be the world's toughest row, the race will challenge and push every element of their mind, body and soul. This is a truly global event that garners enormous coverage worldwide across digital, TV and print media. 

Chris Ayres, crew captain, comments:

The initial idea to enter the 2020 row came when three of us witnessed the arrival of the 2018 winning boat on a trip to Antigua. At that moment, we all agreed it was a challenge worth doing, but naturally were a little hesitant! This is a challenge that would again take us away from our friends and families when we already spend so much time away for work. The pivotal decision-making moment was when crew member James told us how he wanted to find a way to raise money for Wessex Cancer Trust. The charity has provided him and his family with endless support over the past six years.

The Bubbleheads have secured sponsorship from Helix Energy Solutions but are actively seeking additional corporate sponsorship. Visit for more information.