We're providing free lanyards to help anyone with cancer feel more comfortable about getting out and about as life starts to return to normal.

Wearing the lanyard discreetly suggests to people around you that you may welcome additional space, support or time.

Colette Cowan, our head of service delivery, says Wessex Cancer Trust understands it might still be a really anxious time for anyone living with cancer:

Many of our clients have told us they feel nervous about the transition from shielding and being out and about in public - whether that’s using public transport, going to the supermarket, or even attending important GP or hospital appointments. We hope that by wearing the lanyard, people around you will be considerate of how you might be feeling, and also feel they can ask if they can do anything to help.         

Leanne, who's being supported by Wessex Cancer Trust during her recovery from breast cancer, says:

I love the idea of the lanyard. I think it’s a great way to raise awareness of what it’s like to live with cancer and the impact it can have on everyday life. Wessex Cancer Trust feels like a protective arm around you if you have or are recovering from cancer, and I hope this new lanyard will help to spread that understanding and compassion through our local communities.

You can choose to wear the lanyard if you're waiting for test results, have a cancer diagnosis, are receiving treatment or are recovering from cancer.     

We're providing the lanyards free of charge so they're available to every eligible person who wants one (a postage fee of £1.50 applies). They're available here

We want everyone to feel safe, so we've also designed adult face masks which cost £5 each. You can get them here. Purchases will go towards supporting local families living with cancer.


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