Fiona Roy and her brother Nick from Hampshire, both took part in the London Marathon and so far raised an astonishing over £24,000 for Wessex Cancer Trust.

Fiona’s dream to run the marathon started in 1983 while writing a school project, listing her hopes and dreams for the future. These included sailing around the world, riding in the Grand National, teaching and running the London Marathon.

Fiona says, “The first three either happened (17 years of teaching), semi happened (3 Atlantic crossings) or were never going to happen (somehow the right horse just never come along!) but the fourth was still a dream... until now!”

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and receiving months of surgery and chemotherapy, Fiona was given the all clear. Along the way, she lost her left breast, hair and toenails. But most of all her confidence. Wessex Cancer Trust was able to help Fiona rebuild her confidence through counselling and support for herself and her family. This, along with the support from friends and family, helped her come to come to terms with her diagnosis.

In 2015 Fiona’s fears became a reality and was told the cancer was back and had spread to her lungs. Incurable secondary breast cancer. “Fear, sadness and the loss of so many dreams. Having to tell friends and family is more painful than ever imaginable. How do you tell your 8 and 5-year-old children?”

Determined not to let physical and emotional exhaustion stop her dreams, she and her brother began training and signed up for the London Marathon, to raise funds for Wessex Cancer Trust. With the aim of raising £20,000, they smashed their target!

Fiona’s children took it upon themselves to arrange a marathon event at their school and a comedy night. Both created wonderful memories, as well as funds.

“Training hurt some days… but not as much as having cancer hurts.”

Fiona and Nick power walked the marathon in 6 hours 21 minutes.

“I’m so very grateful to Wessex Cancer Trust for giving me the chance to live this dream. Over the years their support has been vital to me and my family. They can’t make us better, but they definitely help us FEEL better. That, in the here and now, is worth so much!”

The pair are encouraging people to take part in next year’s event to help Wessex Cancer Trust support more people affected by cancer.

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