This week BBC Breakfast are working with cancer charities and researchers across the UK, looking at the latest treatments and raising awareness of signs & symptoms.

With nearly 23,000 people diagnosed with cancer in the Wessex region, Wessex Cancer Trust believes help and support should be available to those in the community living with cancer.

Many people put off telling their families about their diagnosis, not wanting to feel they’re burdening them. Cancer is the one of the hardest battles most of us will face. Nearly all of us will be affected by cancer in some way, but it can feel like you’re facing it alone.

To aid in support Wessex Cancer Trust has established 7 cancer support centres across the Wessex region. Clients that visit the centres are welcomed by brilliant volunteer befrienders. By providing information, support and a listening ear, the centres are a valuable part of a client’s journey through cancer. The Trust don’t just help those that have been diagnosed, they also provide support for family members that have been affected.

Judy, 72, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March last year. After receiving surgery at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester, Judy was given one of Wessex Cancer Trusts personalised patient information folders. Her doctor recommended she visit one of the Trusts Support Centres.

She describes the Centre as very friendly “You’ll get a box of tissues, a cup of tea, and a shoulder to cry on.” Judy has taken up yoga at the Centre, as her medication has caused her joints to seize up. She also visits for counselling sessions, but one of the main things she enjoys is forming new friendships and just coming in for a chat.

People just listen. They can’t always give you the answers, but after talking to them you can sometimes figure them out on your own.

Judy put off telling her family about her illness until recently, not wanting to feel she was burdening them with her thoughts and worries. Visiting the centres has helped her to be more open about how she is feeling. Judy is now feeling more positive and looking forward to spending quality time with her 4 children and 21 grandchildren.

If you have been affected by cancer and are looking for a support, please get in contact so we can help you and your family deserve [email protected] 023 8067 2200