With our crisis appeal well underway, we're doing everything we can to save our services. And we'd also love you to put your willpower to the test by making something off-limits for the whole of January. 

For 'Ban It In Jan,' you'll say what you're giving up and then get friends and family to sponsor you in your month-long challenge. Or you can donate the money you would have spent on a particular habit.

Whether you ban the booze, stamp out social media or park the puddings, every penny you raise will go towards our crisis appeal. 

Cait Allen, our CEO, says:

This really is a challenge where a bit of short term pain could have a tremendous long term gain. Lots of us make New Year's resolutions that we break within a few days, but a great deal of good could come from abstaining during the month of January. My family and I are banning the use of mobile phones after 7pm and we'd love others to join us in giving up something. As well as having the opportunity to make positive changes and reset your relationship with a certain habit for the long term, the money you raise will directly help us to keep our services running.

We've launched a crisis appeal to raise £600,000 by the end of January or we could be forced to close. We've  been supporting local families for almost 40 years and have seen a 30% increase in demand for our services this year. We've also been hit by a 65% reduction in people leaving a gift in their will, and the decline in the high street which has seen our shop sales fall by 15%.

We support around 11,000 people every year through our four cancer Support Centres which provide a drop-in service, professional counselling, complementary therapies, activities, support groups and courses. We also run outreach services, popular Sing for Life choirs and transport on our Daisy Buses to help patients get to their hospital appointments. 

Sign up here and 'Ban It In Jan'!