Jersey Cancer Trust (JCT) and Wessex Cancer Trust (WCT) have teamed up to provide Jersey cancer patients with a free transport link when in Southampton.

Nearly 200 locals per year have to travel and stay in Southampton for cancer treatment including chemotherapy and radiotherapy often lasting many weeks. This can be a stressful time being away from home, family and friends sometimes for up to 6 weeks at a time.

With the recent announcement that Jersey Health and Social Services Department had switched Jersey patients accommodation from Jury’s Inn to new self-catering apartments at Ocean Village, the WCT old and ageing Daisy Link bus needed to be reviewed.

The Daisy Link bus service, also funded by JCT, has ferried thousands of islands between Jury’s Inn and Southampton Hospital over the past 10 years. However; the new accommodation is further away from the Hospital than Jury’s Inn, which added to the complexity for patients attending appointments. The JCT had received a donation from the St Martin's Gymkhana & Fete Committee, so this seemed the ideal time to team up with WCT to look after those Jersey patients when in the UK by supporting the purchase of a new bus.


Colin Burgess, Chairman of the Jersey Cancer Trust commented,

"From feedback we have received, of all the support services the Jersey Cancer Trust provides, the daisy link minibus always proves to be the most important to those patients having to travel to Southampton for their treatment. So when we heard that the current minibus was coming to its end of life, and that the new accommodation is further away, we were delighted to be able to step in with £15,000 to secure the bus service.

We have utilised funds donated to us by the St Martin’s Gymkhana & Fete Committee as a result of their annual charity Guy Fawkes bonfire night. This is an essential service for Jersey patients and we are extremely grateful to the St Martin’s Committee for their very generous donation."


Heather a current Jersey cancer patient first to use the new service,

"The minibus is a huge help. Without this service I would be spending large amounts of money on taxis and public buses. Using this transport means I don’t have to worry about how I'll be getting back to my accommodation, as I know a friendly minibus driver will be there hourly."

Cait Allen, CEO of Wessex Cancer Trust added,

"We have a long standing relationship the JCT, and we are committed to supporting all Wessex cancer patients including those that visit Southampton from Jersey. As well as the bus service many Jersey patients attend our drop in centres and take alternative therapies. Without JCT support we would not have been able to purchase this new bus, which will now be operated by us for Jersey patients."

For more information on the work Jersey Cancer and Wessex Cancer Trust offer, visit their websites