Dan and Ash's Walk for Hope story

"It wasn't a race, because we were all on the same team." Read more

Julie's Story

"Thank you Wessex Cancer Trust. You give so much of your time to helping people like me and for that I am extremely grateful." Read more

Lisa's story

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Janette's Story

"I do believe that a befriender's empathy and insight can make a life-changing difference to someone living with cancer." Read more

Caroline's Story

Caroline Andrews, who lives in Winchester, finds that regular visits to our Chandler's Ford support centre helps her with her bad days and hospital check-ups. Read more

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth explains how her experiences of using our Bournemouth Support Centre inspired her to help others. Read more

Claire's Story

It was November, 3 months post-treatment for Stage 2 Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer, and I didn’t really know what to expect when I finally decided to go to Wessex Cancer Trust in Bournemouth. Read more

Kayla's Story

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Saralouise and Austin-Slade's Story

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Megan's story

This year Megan was diagnoses with leukaemia and is using art to help her through her journey. Read more