July has been a busy month - I’ve had 2 more venesections and my iron levels have gone down by almost 50% so my consultant thinks I’ll only need a couple more which I’m pretty pleased with. I had my 11th lumbar puncture so I have 3 more to go before the end of the medical trial I’ve been taking part in. I’ve also had my routine clinic visit and my medication has been reduced to.

I was due to have another cell top as well but I had a phone call from my transplant nurse to say that my consultant had decided that I wasn’t going to have it - she then added: “Because your biopsy results have come back ALL CLEAR !!” I certainly wasn’t expecting that - it’s those magic words that every patient wants to hear. The residual disease that I’ve had showing in my results for the past year has now GONE.

It didn’t sink in straight away - my results usually take weeks to come back and the hospital prefer to give you the results in person. My clinic visit was pushed back by 2 weeks as well - they now don’t want to see me til the end of September which is absolutely fine by me!

There have been a few celebrations - Wessex Cancer Support Centre at Cosham had organised a curry evening which was a few days after I’d got my results so it was a good excuse for a night out and to share my news with my friends there. A good time was had by all and over £470 was raised with the restaurant staff donating their tips too. There have been several trips to London too for gigs and theatre so July has been a pretty amazing month really! I don’t feel any different physically - I still have back pain and I still get tired a lot easier than I used to - but it’s such a good feeling to know that the residual disease isn’t lurking in my bone marrow now. I have 2 more biopsies this year so fingers crossed that they come back clear as well. As I’ll be 2 years post-transplant in December, I think the biopsies go down to every 6 months instead of every 3 months and I’ll be transferred to the afternoon clinic for those who have passed to 2 year mark. It’s a long road but I do feel that things are progressing in the right direction - I’ll be on some medication for life but 2 pills a day really isn’t a big deal. Being 5 years post transplant will coincide with my 50th birthday - now THAT will be a good excuse for a party!!