Ray, 54, was diagnosed with head and neck cancer in November 2015. He began treatment in late November and then came across our Winchester Support Centre towards the end of his treatment. He popped into the Centre with his wife to see what it was about.

Ray says he would describe the care he has received from the charity as “brilliant, informative, compassionate and understanding.”

“The ultimate goal is to get back to yourself. When you are in a place of helplessness it’s lovely and reassuring to have people to talk to and the support.”

Ray mainly visits the Centre for massages, but has also tried yoga, reflexology and head massages. He says the Centre “exceeded any expectations” and he felt “comfortable and at ease”. He also says it helps to focus the mind on something different for a while and he didn’t feel daunted by visiting for the first time as he knew the people were there to help.

Ray has already recommended Wessex Cancer Trust’s services to a friend with cancer in Winchester, and says he would recommend the Support Centre to anyone else in a similar position.