I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer this year. It's like a chronic leukaemia, it's a malignant cancer but is slow to develop and most people are managed with various types of chemo, this is not curative.
I've made the decision that I'll not be going down the chemotherapy route, much to the chagrin of my consultant, who has asked me to keep an open mind. I've an holistic approach to life and I'll continue with this approach.
Cancer for me causes severe fatigue, bone pain and various other symptoms, it's debilitating and a little bit scary. But, and this is a big but, it's also empowering: I'm focused on being me. For me my art is of utmost importance. I want to give to others via my art.
Cancer leaves some sufferers/survivors with visible scars. As far as the painting is concerned I wanted to depict strength and self pride. No one should ever be embarrassed nor ashamed of physical "imperfection", it's part of our life journey. 
If I can have a positive impact on just one person it means I've achieved. 
I guess I'd like to leave an imprint behind.