October hasn’t quite been what I hoped for - my biopsy results did not come back all clear and it seems that the residual disease is back. I’m going back to the hospital this week to start up the donor lymphocyte infusions again - I’m very fortunate that my donor agreed to have some more marrow harvested for me. Big thank you to you, whoever you are!

At the moment, I’m not entirely sure what the return of the residual disease means for my health, hopefully I’ll find out more when I have my next hospital visit. It’s pretty disappointing after the last results and being told that everything was heading in the right direction but I have no control over it - it’s not as if I can rectify it with diet and exercise. I don’t feel any different but it’s very unsettling to know that there is something untoward going on inside my body. The timing wasn’t great either as I got the call from my transplant nurse a couple of days before my birthday...

On the plus side, I’m grateful to have made it through another year. I spent time with friends (mostly eating out!) and managed to tick something else off my wishlist by going to see Jamiroquai in concert in Manchester. We had a wonderful time - I just wish we’d had longer in Manchester as we didn’t even get time to go shopping.

I also had a lovely day out with my sister and squeezed in another theatre trip to Richmond - it’s a nice place but it didn’t stop raining the entire time I was there. Kingston was lovely too - I went earlier in October to see Laurence Fox in a Tom Stoppard play. And yes, I did get to tell him how much I’d enjoyed his work! It turns out that his brother is a bone marrow donor and he knew exactly what ALL is - we had a lovely chat at a reception after the show.

After my hospital visit next week, I’m off for another 80’s gig (OMD this time) and some West End theatre - I’m so grateful that I’m physically able to do things like this now after being “out of action” for so long. Fingers crossed, we can keep this disease under control - sometimes it’s a case of “maintenance and not repair”. Living with cancer is still about living and that’s what I’m intending to do!