Well, it’s been a turbulent and somewhat challenging 2017 after a shock Breast Cancer diagnosis on 14 February, an operation, Chemotherapy Radiotherapy and meds following after. In many ways though, a really positive one that has taught me to appreciate many things in life and how lucky I am to be here.

Celebrating my daughters' prom mid-way through treatment, getting dressed up was an amazing experience. I spent my Birthday in hospital having treatment, but still managed to have a party, staff in the Pembroke Suite joined in and thought it was fabulous, loving the party cakes, banners and balloons! Showing that Life is for living regardless of circumstances. 

I have been supported by an amazing First Class NHS team. I was encouraged to imagine my treatment concoction was my Vodka, Gin and Rose cocktail/infusion for the day, such a wonderful idea and in my case the best way to deal with the circumstances. The thought of each treatment thereafter became beautifully blissful rather than something to fear!

I am fortunate to have to amazing friends, family and associates from the hospital and community nursing team who have rallied round and been there for me throughout. I am so grateful. 

I would also like to recognise the great work of the Wessex Cancer Trust, providing support and friendship during the journey. The centre offers counselling and some amazing treatments, which are free to clients who have been diagnosed with cancer.  I enjoyed Reflexology and Reiki and found that while the treatment was undertaken, all pain associated with surgery disperse, this in itself was a blessing. 

Let me now take this opportunity to wish you all a fabulous 2018 full of happiness, good health, adventure and opportunity.