When I was first experiencing my symptoms, even before the diagnosis, my family were amazing. I suffered very heavy bleeding every day for 8 and a half months before I was diagnosed with womb cancer, and as you can imagine, this put a strain on everyday life, which in turn affected my family.

My husband was brilliant. He would change the bed sheets numerous times a week, give me cuddles when I cried, make me hot water bottles, and accompany me to all my doctors’ appointments (which included watching me have my polyps removed – not a pretty sight!).

The day I was diagnosed with cancer, he was with me in the consultant room. I broke down in tears, and he somehow managed to go into auto-pilot and ask all the sensible questions that we needed to ask. He never let go of my hand from the moment my consultant said I had cancer, to the moment we left the hospital. That day he was wonderful, but soon afterwards I guess the reality of our situation hit him and he became subdued, irritable and the atmosphere at home was full of tension and upset. He would snap at silly things, be cross with the children over insignificant things and wouldn’t talk about the important matters. I was struggling to cope with my own emotions, without having to analyse and deal with his emotions too!

This is when my ‘Super Mum’ stepped in. My parents have always been amazing, but I honestly don’t know whether my marriage would have survived without their help in the weeks and months following my diagnosis. One morning Dad took the children out to the park, and Mum sat me and my husband down for a ‘chat’. She helped us see that we were only going to get through this journey if we worked together and talked honestly to each other. We needed to work as a team, not push each other away. She was right, and we both explained to each other how we felt. Basically, I needed someone to lean on and to be a support for me and the children, and he felt useless and scared of saying or doing the wrong thing.

After we had this conversation our journey became easier. We are now closer than ever and able to be completely honest with each other about how we feel, good or bad.

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