March has been a month of routine hospital appointments - I’ve had a biopsy, two nebuliser sessions, a venesection and a top-up of cells from my donor. I’ve now had three venesections in total and a pint of blood is removed each time to reduce my iron levels (does all this extra iron make me stronger I wonder...?)

I have a bone marrow biopsy every three months at the moment and the first three sets of results all showed a small amount of residual disease. I was pretty upset initially but my consultant explained that it was such a tiny amount that it was almost “unquantifiable” and that it wasn’t a huge cause for concern. I had the results from my fourth biopsy at the end of February and that pesky residual disease has now started to shrink! I couldn’t get the smile off my face - I was SO pleased. I won’t get the results from this month’s biopsy until my next clinic visit in May - watch this space...

This month’s cell top-up was probably my last one - another treatment finished with. My transplant nurse told me that I have used up all the bone marrow that was harvested from my donor and that my bloods etc are all going in the right direction. Happy smile!

I made a “wish list” while I was in hospital of some things I wanted to do when I was well enough and one of them was to see Andre Rieu perform with his orchestra. I got my wish last month when I saw him at Wembley Arena - I took my friend Sam with me as a thank you for everything she’s done for me since I was diagnosed. We had a wonderful time - it really helps me to have things to look forward to and goals to work towards.

I try to balance out the hospital visits with fun stuff - I was at the Royal Albert Hall at the weekend to see the Pet Shop Boys perform in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. It was an amazing evening with some of the youngsters that TCT has helped up on stage with Roger Daltrey during the interval. Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult enough but I can’t imagine what it must be like for them. I sat in Hyde Park in the sunshine for a while before the gig - I felt so lucky to still be alive and to be able to do things like this. This time last year I couldn’t walk without a stick and was still suffering from fatigue quite badly. It’s been a long road but 2017 is looking pretty good so far!

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