I am a 31yr old, married Mummy of two beautiful children (yes, I’m biased!). I had a wonderful upbringing with parents who I am very close to. I did well at school. I have a university degree. I work hard. Life is good. Life was good. Until Monday 4th July 2016, when I was diagnosed with Endometrial Carcinoma (womb cancer in layman’s terms).

Cancer? What? How? Why?

I knew I had been having strange symptoms for months, but I never dreamed it was cancer.

When I heard the words “You have cancer” come from my Gynae Consultant (who, by the way, is an amazing lady and very supportive), my entire world changed. You hear the word ‘cancer’ and you immediately think ‘death’. I was with my husband in the Consultant room and I just cried. I sobbed on his shoulder. I wanted to scream and say “NO! I’m 31! I have kids! It’s not fair!” What would I tell the kids? What would I tell my Mum and Dad? How could this be happening?

The Consultant and Oncology Nurse went on to explain what was going to happen from then – MRI’s, CT scans, pre-op assessments, a total hysterectomy. And then the possibility of radiotherapy.

We left the hospital in shock. I had had the worst news I had ever received. I didn’t know what to do, or how to feel. How would we cope? You hear the statistics on TV adverts about how many people are affected by cancer every year, but you never imagine that it’ll be you. Inevitably, I pictured myself with no hair, being really ill.

Breaking the news

That day we broke the news to our family but not to our children. I couldn’t. My son was 10 and ‘googles’ everything. I didn’t want him finding worst case scenarios online. My daughter was 8 and is the most sensitive, emotional and loving little girl. I couldn’t break her heart.

We would find a way of getting through this without mentioning the ‘C’ word in front of them. We’d get through this for the children. They had to be my focus.

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