Well, I’m still here! - Unlike March, April only held one hospital appointment for me - another lumbar puncture. I have 4 more to go to complete the medical trial that I volunteered for, so this time next year, I should be finished with them. I’m not going to miss them... I got the results of my most recent biopsy at the beginning of May and there are still traces of residual disease showing - I really wish it would go completely but I feel OK so I guess I’ll just keep on truckin’! I have yet another venesection this month as my iron levels are still too high - although they have gone down by 25% in the last few months so heading in the right direction.

My next clinic appointment isn’t until July so I get a bit of a break - I have lots of things planned before then. April has been pretty busy with lots of theatre trips and gigs (my big weaknesses!) - I’ve been up to London several times, seen some wonderful shows and met some lovely people. Last month, I was lucky enough to see plays with Jude Law, Damian Lewis and Daniel Radcliffe and indulged in my fondness for 80’s music with Rick Astley, Billy Ocean, Sting and Go West.

The last 2 weeks have seen me attending a couple of fundraising events for Wessex Cancer Trust at Cosham - the “Cakes4Cancer” coffee morning was very well attended and I was able to take donated cakes from my local cafe and my sister (I can’t cook - I doubt anyone would pay to eat anything I created...). We had a lovely couple of hours chatting, drinking tea and eating cake - the Millionaires shortbread was amazing!

Charlie, one of the therapists, also held her own Cakes4Cancer event and offered “Cake and Chair Massage” at her boutique - I had a relaxing back massage, some caramel cake and bought some cupcakes to share with my friend the next day on our trip to the theatre (yes, another one).

Today, I’ve been at a Dragon Boat Race where a local firm have been raising money for Wessex - there was also a Wessex tent with lots of leaflets and info and a colouring competition for children. There was a lot of cheering and flag waving to encourage the rowers - they did really well and narrowly missed making the final.

Hopefully, we can all come back and do it again next year!

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