September has been a busy month, what with moving home, trips to Oxford and Windsor and hospital appointments. I had yet another bone marrow biopsy this morning, combined with a routine clinic visit (to save me a trip)!


My biopsy was pretty uncomfortable this time but I’m told it was because “It was a good sample” which is a good thing and hopefully I will only need one more - as long as things keep progressing as they are. It’ll be a few weeks before I get the results so fingers crossed that they come back clear. I’m also being moved to the afternoon routine clinic which is less frequent - they don’t want to see me until December now!


My immune system is now normal (which is great news!) but it means I have to have all my jabs again - I’ve got a lovely list of 7 jabs to have and that’s not including any that I’d need for foreign travel… Never mind, just feels good that I’m strong enough to have them and deal with any reactions.


I’m popping over to the Wessex Cancer Support Centre this week - I was booked in for a massage but my biopsy has left me feeling rather sore (it goes into my pelvis and I have a big dressing at the base of my spine that stays on for 3 days) so hopefully my lovely therapist can do a facial for me instead.

My friend had a fundraising “Coffee and Cake Afternoon” last month and we raised almost £170 for my local Wessex centre. There was more cake than we could possibly eat, a raffle and a “Guess the Weight” of my friend’s dog Eddie. The weather was kind and we were able to sit outside - Eddie adored all the attention and he’s 14.5kg if anyone is wondering! There was enough cake left for me to take some into Wessex to share with the clients and befrienders there.

My friend really enjoyed hosting so hopefully we can do it all again and raise some more money.


My trips to Windsor and Oxford were lovely and I was lucky with the weather - as a Morse and Lewis fan, it was great to revisit the dreaming spires (and squeeze in a Texas gig at the same time…) Oddly enough, my next trip is to Kingston to see Laurence Fox on stage - he plays Sergeant Hathaway in “Lewis”. Maybe I’ll get to tell him how much I enjoyed it?   


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