Well, it’s now March and the lump on my neck is still there - I’m waiting for a date for surgery to have it removed as it’s not 100% clear what it is. I was called in for a scan at the end of January and it showed more than one unidentified lump in my neck. It’s possible that they are enlarged nodes as a result of the glandular fever but my specialist wants to be absolutely sure and the only way to find out is to remove it. She thinks it has shrunk a bit but I’d rather be safe than sorry, even if it means surgery.

I feel ok, apart from a bit of a head cold which is proving rather persistent - but pretty much everyone gets a cold during the winter. Everything else seemed OK at my last routine clinic visit a few weeks ago - my bloods did show evidence of mild glandular fever but other than that, it’s all good. I even lost a couple of kilos - at my last visit in December, I’d hit the “overweight” bracket (which was probably due to Xmas socialising!) so it’s been nice to get back to healthier eating. 
I did resolve to cook from scratch more this year and avoid processed foods - so far so good! No alcohol either on the advice of my specialist and I have to admit that I don’t miss it. I had a lovely non-alcoholic cocktail recently called a Vitaliser - it’s made with carrot, ginger, mango and orange - delicious!

In between the clinics, scans and cell top-ups, I’ve packed in a few outings including seeing Les Miserables in London (again!) and some gigs - I was lucky enough to be given tickets to see Erasure last month and they were absolutely amazing. I did struggle the next day with some aches and pains but it was worth it. I’ve also been to see Wang Chung, Cutting Crew, Nik Kershaw and Go West - yes, I do love my 80’s music... (that’s me in the stripy top in the front row!)

I’m also delighted to say that as Captain of a local golf club, my friend has chosen the Wessex Cancer Support Centre at Cosham as his nominated charity for this year - so a massive thank you! I look forward to a year of events and fundraising and it’s nice to be able to give something back to the people that have helped me so much since my transplant. I couldn’t even guess at how many cups of tea they’ve made me - but it’s a lot. And there have been rather a lot of cake and biscuits consumed as well. Maybe that contributed to the “overweight” bracket too?