As a student studying business management at Winchester University, I was offered a module which required a volunteer placement. I was put in contact with the Wessex Cancer Trust team as I wanted to gain experience in an office environment, as opposed to a retail environment which I had previously experienced. In addition, I chose this organisation as cancer has affected my family, making my support and determination to help stronger.

I worked closely with the community and events fundraiser and the marketing leader on tasks such as revamping their thank you letters, which will be beneficial in showing further appreciation to the donators. I enjoyed this task thoroughly as I could incorporate my creative skills and develop my problem solving as well as produce a lovely end product. This opportunity also allowed me to develop my skills in researching and database sorting.

I was also able to meet some very friendly people, working for an amazing cause and the office vibe was one of happiness and comfort. The experience opened my eyes to the third sector's influence on communities and without the help of teams such as the one displayed at the Wessex Cancer Trust many who have been affected by cancer would be struggling.

I would think happily of my time at the Wessex Cancer Trust and am constantly recommending volunteering to my peers to gain new experiences as well as a healthier mindset. I greatly appreciate the support I was granted in my time spent there and am truly thankful towards the team.


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