Well, the last couple of months haven’t been the greatest - I’ve been in a lot of pain with my back. It’s been bothering me more than usual for a while now and I brought it up with my doctor at my last routine clinic visit at the hospital. He sent me for some x-rays straightaway and it turns out that I have 2 new compression fractures in my spine and the original fracture from 2015 has worsened. It’s due to my having osteoporosis (probably made worse by the amount of chemotherapy that I had) and I have medication to strengthen my bones.

I’ve also been referred to a professor of rheumatology, although I’m told that this could take a while... In the meantime, I have rather a lot of painkillers and am back to using my cane to get out and about. I’ve really had to take things slowly, I can’t do as much as I’d like to and the painkillers make me sleepy. I’m starting to feel that I’m getting on top of things again now though - the painkillers are helping and the doctors have told me to try and stay as mobile as possible (difficult when it hurts!) I’ve had to cancel numerous trips over the last 2 months but I was back in London earlier this week which was great - even if everything did take longer than normal...

Even with all the aforementioned health issues, I have been to 35 shows this year which is rather a lot by anyone’s standards... I’ve been lucky enough to see Sally Field, Bill Pullman, Jenna Coleman and Matthew Broderick (remember him from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?). I have a ticket to see John Malkovich on stage next week - he’s been one of my favourite actors since I saw him in Dangerous Liaisons and I never dreamed that I’d actually see him in London. I’m looking forward to seeing Ian McKellen next month too, health permitting - mine, not his!

I get to be a cover girl this summer too! - I’m honoured to be on the cover of the current issue of Thrive, the Wessex Cancer Trust magazine. The photo is from a fundraiser last year - the lady in the photo with me is Louise and she sadly passed away recently. It makes me very grateful to still be here - enjoy life, you never know what’s around the corner!