It’s been a pretty good few weeks, to be honest - I’ve had my final donor lymphocyte infusion (unless I have a relapse...), been told at my routine oncology clinic that they don’t want to see me until December and passed the 1000 day mark. Time goes so quickly - my first target when I was discharged from hospital in December 2015 was to reach 100 days post-transplant and to have my Hickman line removed. I was visiting hospital twice a week and using a wheelchair as I was too weak to walk from the car to the clinic. It’s been hard work but I’ve come such a long way since then.

I’m up to date with all my inoculations now too - I had to have all of them again spread out over a year or so as my immune system was starting from scratch, as it were. I have lost count of the amount of times that my arms have been punctured - I’d guess it’s well into the hundreds! I have 21 little scars on my back from lumbar punctures and biopsies and 2 scars from my Hickman line but I’m pretty lucky as none of them are really noticeable.

I had a few quiet weeks at home in August - lots of self-care with reflexology, massage, facials, pedicures and generally chilling out. I’ve just booked some more theatre trips and am back off to London tomorrow. I’ve already squeezed in a few plays in September, including “Pressure” with David Haig and “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” with Aiden “Poldark” Turner. They were both brilliant and I was lucky enough to meet both leading men afterwards. I also got to see my favourite West End singer as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. It’s my favourite musical and I’ve seen it numerous times but his performance stayed with me as he was the one that I saw when I first started visiting London again after the hospital and being in isolation. Bless him, he said that he was honoured to be part of my recovery!

As I was on my way back to the Tube after seeing “Pressure”, a rather flashy black Porsche nearly took my feet off as I waited to cross the road - it was Martin Kemp from 80’s band Spandau Ballet! I tweeted him about it and he apologised when I saw him the next day. I did tell him that it was nice to see someone else rocking the silver hair....