We joined Zero to Hero campaign as a family, and found it such a nice way to raise money and awareness for a cause that had personally affected us, it was fun and it got us all working together to think of who we could approach from our contacts. We announced what we were doing on social media in advance, to see what interest it brought, we were amazed at the support that we were being offered, even from friends of friends! We had an idea of the trade in’s that were provided so it helped us formulate a plan of action!

Our first trade in was with our neighbour who is an Avon representative, she gave us an Avon perfume.  This was traded to our local florists who gave us a beautiful bouquet of flowers in return. The local hair salon accepted this and in return gave us a haircut and blow dry worth £48.00. Via Facebook, someone took this and gave us an unwanted Xmas present which was 2 Marwell Zoo tickets! This was then exchanged for a Champagne afternoon tea for 2 people worth £90 at face value. (They worked at the venue and it was offered as a donation)

We then used all of our social media to auction it, simply by writing a status and asking for bidders! We kept it going for about 4 days and it eventually sold for £100.00! We were thrilled, it was such a great way to bring the family together and will definitely do again.


I signed up to Zero to Hero because my Mum had used the centre, and It was a nice way for me to give something back. I approached my colleagues at work to see if they would support me, they loved the idea, and we all worked together as a team, it really helped to bond us all together. We set ‘Quackers’ our rubber duck up with his own recurrent section on the staff newsletter, and also we had a display for the month in the staff area. Colleagues involved their friends and family so we found it quite easy to do our trade in’s using the contacts we all had.  

Once our trade in’s were complete, we sold raffle tickets to all our friends and colleagues, which raised an incredible £450.00!



Our monthly lunch group members like supporting local charities that directly support local people, and with so many touched by the disease, we wanted to take part. We weren’t able to take part in September due to absences, so planned it for October instead. It was a bit different to other ways that we have raised money, which is why we liked it! Although some were a bit daunted at first, once we had discussed it, they understood what we had to do and the ideas just grew and grew!

Between us all we had so many family and friends that we approached for help, so much so that we were inundated with options. We planned it well and made sure the trade in’s went up in value each time, we even decided to hold a special evening at the end of the month at the village hall where we all made nibbles and brought in drinks, invited our partners and anyone else that wanted to come too! We had a live auction where we were speechless when our final star trade in raised £310.00, two of the couples joined in together to buy it.  We are pleased that we had fun whilst trying to make a difference.